Everything that you need to know about safety signs in Brisbane

Safety signs are among the things that you should have in your place of work despite the type of business that you run or your area of specialisation. Although safety signs are important in places of work, many people lack these things in their workplaces. Also, some have invested in safety signs that confuse the people coming into these areas.  For this reason, you must learn several ideas that will help you with the placement and selection of your safety signs in Brisbane.


Types of safety signs

Safety signs come in different types to serve different purposes. The following are the many types of safety signs that you should always have in your place of work.


  • Prohibiting signs

These are signs that prohibit the likelihood to cause or increase the danger.  They are signs that should be used with the Do Not command.  For instance, you can place a safety sign saying “DO NOT SMOKE HERE” in sections in your workplace where there are flammable gasses. The safety sign prohibits smoking since it could lead to fire or explosions which are a danger to everyone in the workplace.


  • Warning signs

These are safety signs that warn people of danger or a certain hazard. The signs let people in your workplace know that there is a nearby danger that they should avoid.


  • Mandatory signs

They prescribe specific behaviour they indicate actions or rules that everyone must comply with when they are in a certain place.  For instance, you may have a mandatory sign saying that “Maintain Social Distance, Sanitize and Wear a Mask”. This is to show that everyone must comply with the rules that are stated in the mandatory sign.


  • Emergency signs

They are signs that give information on exits, first aid, escape routes, and rescue facilities in case of an accident.


Five things you must know about safety signs in Brisbane


The following are some important things that you should know about safety signs:


1. Every colour has a meaning

When choosing colours for your safety signs, you need to know that different colours have different meanings depending on what you want to mean. For instance, black, red, and white mean danger, black panel and yellow background with yellow letters or pictures mean caution, blue and white pictures, and letters symbolize mandatory instructions, white background, green panel plus green picture or letters symbolize safety instructions.  You must select your colours wisely.


2. Safety signs should have pictures and fewer words

When you want to warn people of any danger, there is no time for them to read words in the safety signs. This is why you should have safety signs that contain pictographs rather than words.


3. Signs should not clutter at one place

It is also important that you know that you should not have too many safety signs at the same location. You do not want to confuse your workers or even the visitors in your workplace.

If you have sign clutter, make sure you review the signs in your workplace and determine which ions are necessary and which ones can be removed.


4. Signal words must always match the risk level

Most people associate safety signs with danger.  However, not all circumstances require danger safety signs. Some of the risks are less serious which means you should use less serious words.


5. The location and size of safety signs matters

You should always place the safety signs in locations that are easily visible to ensure that everyone can see the signs in time. Also, their size matters. Large safety signs can be seen from far unlike small ones.


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