Meet OSHA requirements with low noise guns

The immaculate workshop and well-ordered equipment suggest dedication to high levels of work efficiency. We see blotches of blue everywhere with the familiar shape of CEJN reels. Our companion points out that they bought 120 hose reels and cable reels 3-4 years ago to clear the floor from the hose, preventing you from tripping.

This customer had already contacted our sales subsidiary CEJN Far East about six months ago after a Google search for guns with a low noise level, compliant with OSHA (safety and health at work) requirements regarding reduction to a pressure of 2 bar. (30 psi) in case of blocked tip. The manufacturing department used 130 guns that needed to be replaced to prevent employee injury in potential clogged tip situations.

Greater safety for staff
To adapt to the application and ensure operator safety, management decided that the CEJN Series 208 blowing gun should be customized with an extension tube and protective shield. There are several stations equipped with low-noise guns which are mainly used to remove chips, oil or coolant for excess cooling. Each station has different requirements and uses extension tubes of different lengths to perform the tasks. Screens have also been provided to protect workers from flying fragments, as an additional protection to the safety goggles necessarily mandatory in the workshop.

Using the blow gun is an integral part of daily work
Stopping at a station near a numerically controlled machine, an operator engaged in the exercise of his duties, who knows perfectly by heart, tells us at intervals between one procedure and another the frequency with which he uses the low-noise gun.

Excess coolant must be removed frequently with the gun at each pass, and not even the operator is able to estimate how many times the tool is used per day. When asked what the experience of using the gun is, he replies “It works perfectly and is much quieter than the previous one”.

Efficiency at work
We also saw an operator with 3 years of experience cleaning components collected in numerous aligned containers. He smiles as he tells us that the high flow of the low-noise guns helps him work efficiently. Some of the components it cleans are pipes over a meter long, and high flow is critical to being able to do a thorough job. Before leaving him to his responsibilities we asked him if improvements could be made and he replied that a longer tube would not be bad.

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